Electrically Driven Varifocal Micro Lens
Fabricated by Depositing Parylene Directly on Liquid


The design and fabrication process of an electrically- driven varifocal liquid microlens are reported with experimental measurement results and a theoretical calculation model. Droplets of oil are sandwitched between a glass wafer and a thin-film of parylene chemical vapor deposited (CVD) directly onto the dropletsf liquid surface. A method for creating fluid-filled micro chambers was realized with two core steps: 1) placing-shaping of oil droplets with hydrophobic/hydrophilic patterns and 2) coating them with a thin CVD parylene film in high vacuum condition. Liquid lenses and lens arrays of diameter from 20ƒÊm to 10mm were fabricated. In the tuning experiment, focal length was shortened to 20% of its initial value, from 3.8mm to 0.8mm. The values calculated from model match the data collected from experiments within the range of applied voltage from 0V to 150V.

References :
Binh-Khiem Nguyen, Eiji Iwase, Kiyoshi Matsumoto, and Isao Shimoyama, “Electrically Driven Varifocal Micro Lens Fabricated by Depositin Parylene Directly on Liquid,” 20th IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS '07), pp. 305-308, Kobe, Japan, Jan. 21-25, 2007. [Proceedings]